What is Domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is defined as the range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home. Services may involve routine household tasks within or outside the home, personal care of the client and other associated domestic services necessary to maintain an individual in an acceptable level of health, hygiene, dignity, safety and ease in the comfort of their own home.

Our domiciliary care enables you to live the life you know and love, surrounded by your friends and family, in a community you love and are used to. With our domiciliary care in London, you or your loved one will continue living independently at home whilst receiving the care you need.

We ensure every client is treated with compassion and respect, with a qualified team of staff who are qualified and knowledgeable. We have a detailed vetting procedure to all our new care assistants. We know that choosing the right care is extremely important, therefore we have a dedicated team happy to help you choose the correct care that is best suited to you or your loved one. We also believe in continuity of care, so we would always endeavour to provide the same staff on a regular basis. We recognise the positive impact in having the same staff which develops genuine relationships between you and your carer.

How do I know if I need domiciliary care?

The simplest way to learn whether of not you need domiciallry care is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you feel like simple tasks are starting to become a bit more difficult?

  • Do you need help with getting out of or into bed?

  • Do you need help with your daily chores and household tasks such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning?

  • Do you need someone to drive to and from doctor appointments?

  • Do you need someone to help you manage your medication?

  • What about your dietary needs? Do you need someone to help you maintain special dietary needs for your health?

  • Do you need someone to help you with your personal care and hygiene?

  • Do you need someone to see you through physical therapy as you recover at home?

If you generally start feeling unsteady and have had a few near misses, it may be time to look at domiciliary care. Our carers can help you with as much or as little as you may need. Don’t wait until things get worse before you get help. Often times our clients see improvement in their health with a carer, as they will always promote independence and assist you with doing things you know, and we know you can do. It’s also reassuring for you to know someone is there with you and that you are not alone. All our carers know how important it is for our clients to remain independent and to be supported – we will not take that away from you. There are some clients that need 100% help as they are not able to do anything alone, and this is fine too. It’s also common that some days you want more help that other days – again this is fine! One size does not fit all and we would always asses prior to starting any work and our carers will always ask prior to starting with you that day, afternoon or night.

Benefits of domiciliary care?

For the most part, moving into a residential home (a change in environment) can cause a great deal of stress. The time it takes to climatise and find their footing often varies with the kind of connections and social care they make within the facility and just how opposed they are to the move. Having care at home removes all this as the client remains at home where they are already comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. In this scenario, the caregiver’s integration into the client’s life can be seamless and thus less stressful.

Perhaps the most important benefit of domiciliary care is that you, or your loved one, are able to maintain independence. Even with more intensive care, you are still at liberty to choose when and what you wish you eat, sleep, drink, bath, when to leave your house and who comes to visit you and how long for. This is something that is restricted when opting for a care home.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing domiciliary care over a care home is the flexibility to choose how much, or how little care you would like to receive, as well as what times and how often you want to receive it. In a care home, you simply don’t have this option, it is an ‘all or nothing’ package.

With domiciliary care, the client’s needs are always put first, simply because you are one-to-one with the carer. In care homes, more often than not, the ratio of staff to residents is lower. Domiciliary care is quite the opposite clients are cared for on an individual basis, allowing for a more bespoke and personalised level of care.

No matter what you and your loved ones choose to do when exploring their care options, it is important to gain an understanding of the benefits home care can offer. We always recommend picking up the phone and having a chat with a health care professional or a regulated care provider, to find out what will be best for you.

What can Care of a Kind help with?

  • Assistance with morning, afternoon and evening calls – with help to get up, wash, shower or bath, get dressed and have breakfast, and in the evenings to prepare for bed.

  • Shopping support – alongside our service user or alternatively we do all the shopping required

  • Preparation of meals and beverages

  • Ensuring a timely prompt for medication when it is due

  • Undertaking any domestic tasks such as cleaning, laundry and ironing

  • A full blitz clean – especially for those living in heavily cluttered properties. We can coordinate this one off package while service users are awaiting discharge from the hospital into a clean and safe environment.

  • Pampering sessions – the occasional visit to organise bathing, clean clothes, fresh bedding and a thoughtfully prepared meal before bedtime

  • Sleeping Night/Waking Night – Provision of care services through the night for those people who need them. This can either be on a ‘sleeper night’ basis, where the care worker expects a reasonable night’s sleep but is on hand for emergencies, or a ‘waking night’

If everyday tasks are becoming more of a challenge, get in touch with us.

We are here to help – the right carer can change your life.

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Our lovely team of home carers operate throughout London, offering support on a range of tasks. Our aim is to keep you safe while making sure you are comfortable and independent.

Whether you need some assistance popping to the shops, or getting washed and dressed or maybe someone to watch the TV with – our friendly team are here to help. We’ll work alongside you to ensure we create the perfect care plan for you, one that specifically meets your needs and accommodates your wishes.