What is Live-in care?

Live-in care means having a fully trained carer living with you in your own home to meet all your care needs, to support you with washing, dressing, medication, preparing and eating food; help with chores, gardening and pet care, One-to-one care in your own home. This means a carer will live with your loved one and provide care 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Agencies such as Care of a Kind can provide the same care as you would have in a residential home, the only difference is you get to stay home, this is a great alternative for those who need more than hourly visits.

We help elderly people remain independent, in their own home, with all the security of professional help close at hand 24/7.

When asked about this type of home care many people describe it as the support, they need to live how they want to, every day. That means going to bed and getting up when you want, eating what you want, when you want – even the simple pleasure of choosing what to wear. Most people worry that they will have to go into a care home and leave the home they’ve loved. This is not always the case. Live in care can be a more suitable option for most and when matched with the right carer can be life changing.

Who needs
Live-in care?

Live-in care can be the perfect solution for people suffering from a range of conditions. We provide live-in care for:

  • People suffering with Dementia

  • Stroke patients and those suffering from long-term degenerative conditions

  • Elderly people who may not have a specific condition, but are struggling to cope by themselves. Many will have been receiving some care at some point in time, but will have developed a need for 24 hour care

  • People with any of the above who are currently being looked after by friends and family who are finding it hard with care responsibilities

What will my live in Carer do?

Our live in carers are professionals that will live with you and assist you with what you need day or night. Ou live in carers are highly experienced and have lived with clients for several years in some cases, often referred to as part of the family.

They help you with :

  • Personal care, including help with washing, dressing and bathing

  • Prompting you to take your medication

  • Help moving around, both inside and outside the home

  • Help with household tasks such as cooking and cleaning – we can even include pet care

  • Help with shopping and other errands

  • Emotional support and companionship

  • Day trips and travel abroad

For this to be arranged there does need to be adequate living spaces for the carer to live. Our carers all have access to our care system that shows them tasks they need to carry out. This would have been agreed at the time of assessment when putting together the care plan, the carer will be on hand if other needs come up.

Someone with a live-in carer might also need some more specialist help from other carers and professionals. While the live-in carer can meet most day-to-day needs, they won’t always be able to provide everything a person needs to stay in their own home. We will be able to offer advice if more specialist care is needed, and if transport is required, your live in carer can help. We also have many reputable healthcare contacts who we can recommend.